BPhair Multiway Nuanced honey-gold 50cm

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BPhair® virgin remy -hair is extremely high-quality hair used in hair extensions, which has a solid surface and structure due to the fact that it has not been chemically processed in any way besides coloring. BPhair is created to meet the standards of high-quality professional hair extensions. You can use BPhair Multiway -hair extensions either in the way of clip-in extensions or as tape-in extensions. When used as clip-in extensions, the technique combines the gentleness of clip-in extensions with the ease, lightness and unnoticeability of tape-in hair extensions.

When you use the hair with a tape-in technique, you simply snap the clips off and attach the tape onto a ribbon, then you cut the ribbon into segments, each 4 centimeters wide, according to the crop marks. The segments have twice the amount of hair that is used in traditional BPhair tape-in extensions, so instead of the 20 pairs needed before, you will now only need 10 pairs of hair for full head hair extensions, in which case the head will not be completely full of segments. Washing, doing your hair and maintaining it becomes easier and quicker. The segments will also be hidden away better. For extremely thin and sparse hair, we still recommend BPhair's traditional tape-in extensions, or using Multiway-extensions only with the clip-in technique. BPcare® hair care products are recommended for the maintenance of BPhair® extensions.

Things to consider when caring for your hair extensions: Hair colors containin oxidizers or getting a perm is not recommended with hair extensions Avoid long-term contact with chloride- and salt water. Braid your hair up for swimming, and wash and care for your hair right after it.

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