BPcare Platinum Mask 220ml


Pigment conditioner with nourishing argan oil.

BPcare - A new innovative hair care line for long and chemically treated hair

The BPcare line is a series of hair care products designed especially for long and chemically treated hair. The developer, Anne Kaismo, is a Finnish hairdresser entrepreneur and founder of BPhair hair extensions. Behind the innovation is a strong desire to provide the best products for long hair which every woman deserves. BPcare products give hair a lasting, visible vitality. The products are designed to meet the special demands of hair extensions.


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BPcare Platinum Shampoo 250ml BPcare Platinum Shampoo 250ml
24,90 €
BPcare Hydrating Shampoo 250ml BPcare Hydrating Shampoo 250ml
24,90 €
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