BPcare - A new innovative hair care line for long and chemically treated hair

The BPcare line is a series of hair care products designed especially for long and chemically treated hair. The developer, Anne Kaismo, is a Finnish hairdresser entrepreneur and founder of BPhair hair extensions. Behind the innovation is a strong desire to provide the best products for long hair which every woman deserves. BPcare products give hair a lasting, visible vitality. The products are designed to meet the special demands of hair extensions.

The elegantly scented BPhair products contain high quality ingredients which ensure that they provide hair with premium care and protection, making it easy to brush and untangle. The innovative hair care line is designed to be user friendly as the Platinum shampoo accentuates the color of blonde hair and the Quick Mask conditioner can be used either as a quick fix conditioner or an intensively conditioning product depending on the duration of action.