Sens brand stands for top quality haircare products which are available only in Hair Salons and web shop. The first products were launched at I Love Me -fair at Helsinki Expo and Convention Center in October 2017. Link to the news release.




I'm Amanda and Sens is my product line for women who want to take care of themselves.


I work as a Hair Stylist in my own Hair Salon in Turku, Finland. Because I did not find suitable products to support and boost my work, I decided to develop and design the best of class product line of my own.


You will easily find a Sens product perfect for you by yourself of with the assistance of your Hair Stylist.


Since I have been doing freehand hair colouring a lot lately,  we introduce Sens Balayage Shampoo and Conditioner as our first products.


Enjoy the new trend with us!


Amanda Lehtinen

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