Pravana NEVO Super Shape 300g Hårspray

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Pravana NEVO Super Shape 300g, hårspray, see video

This best-selling hairspray that adds tremendous body!
Achieve every level of hold with this popular, hair-perfecting hair spray. Defends against humidity. Adheres to the strictest environmental regulations.
  • For volume and lift, mist near the roots and direct the hair away from the scalp. For shine and staying power, hold can 10 - 12 inches from dry hair.
    • Lightly mist for a hold that is flexible and voluminous, or the spray can be extended for a stronger hold and shine.
    • Texture: 3
    • Hold: 8
    • Volume: 3


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Sens Balayage Shampoo 500ml. Sens Balayage Shampoo 500ml.
189,00 kr
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Pravana NEVO Super Shape Extreme 300g hårspray Pravana NEVO Super Shape Extreme 300g hårspray
222,70 kr
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