BTB13 Sun Cream 50ml SPF 30

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BTB13 Sun Cream 50ml SPF 30 - solkräm

BTB13 – The Start of Healthy Skin

BTB13™ is a chemical compound, developed by Finnish researchers, that consists of orotic acid, L-carnitine and hyaluronic acid. The compound is widely patented and has been proven to protect cells from harmful oxygen radicals.

The active ingredients in BTB13™ are L-carnitine (BT) and orotic acid (B13). Orotic acid (INCI: Orotic Acid) is a naturally occurring acid in the body, and is important both for the renewal and active functions of cells. L-Carnitine (INCI: L-Carnitine) is a natural amino acid that enhances cellular metabolism and cleanses metabolic waste from cells.

Hyaluronic acid (INCI: Hyalyronic Acid) is a long chain sugar molecule that absorbs moisture efficiently. This quality gives it a strong moisturising and skin fullness increasing effect. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body.

The BTB13™ compound is widely patented and has been granted utility model protection (PRHLupa 9865). All BTB13™ products are produced from start to finish at Naviter production facilities in Finland.


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